It is commonly said that one does not discuss politics or religion in polite society.  This would prohibit anybody from discussing anything of importance, for politics deals with people’s goals in this life and religion with their spiritual goals in the next.  We would be reduced to talking about the inane and the insignificant, it would be both useless and boring.

Andrew Breitbart famously said that politics is downstream from culture, meaning that culture determines what issues politics can deal with and in what way.  This is true, but there is another, vital step that comes before culture.  Culture is downstream from  cult, a formal, public system of beliefs and rituals, another word for which is religion.

The Old Religion of America and the West, Christianity, has been at war with the New Religion of Dialectical Materialism which also goes by the name of Progressivism, Collectivism, Leftism, Socialism, etc.  To this point Christianity has been losing badly because while it abhors and decries the advances of the Left, it has offered no serious resistance to them, and has been therefore in near constant retreat.

Never has a war been won by retreats.  Enough!

Here I will discuss the state of the battle, the strategies and tactics of the Enemy and propose tactics and strategies to defeat them.

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